Meet Kasie our Magical Vacation Planner!

In 2019 and 2021 Katie planned the most magical vacations for our family! One was planned in advance with all the time to make decisions and weigh options and the other one was planned on the fly based on a sudden decision to move! Kasie even ended up being in the park at the same time as us and found time to drop off some pixie dust at our hotel reception! Her attention to detail, assistance with fast passes and everything we needed, even while we were preparing, packing and traveling to the park as well as while we were in the park was incredible! 


You have booked your Disney trip, now how do you pack?!

Planning your Disney vacation can already be overwhelming, but when it comes to packing for yourself and your family, where do you begin? 

To Stroller or Not To Stroller? 

In our opinion, it doesn’t matter the age of the kids, someone is always going to be too tired to walk! Better to be safe than sorry with the stroller.  We took a double jogging stroller that we bought used, it was cheap, but wasn’t in the perfect condition and that meant it was perfect for rainy Florida.

Some things to consider:

  • Does the stroller collapse easily for buses or trains?
  • Do you have a big basket or stroller organizer to help keep things in place?
  • Do you have a stroller lock?
  • Do you have a rain cover?
  • Is it a stroller you would be willing to lose, or have taken?
  • If the stroller has tires that can have flats make sure you have a repair kit?

Things to remember:

  • Dealing with the heat can be intense so fans and cooling towels can come in handy.  
  • In Florida it can rain quickly and be finished fast so it’s also great to have handy ponchos and quick umbrellas.
  • Light weight towels can come in handy in numerous situations!
  • Prepare to be quick and comfortable. It’s best to wear quick drying clothes for the whole family! 
  • Comfortable shoes are key! Have a back up pair packed in case anything happens.
  • You are allowed to bring refillable water bottles and water with you into the park.
  • Sun screen and hats are necessary. 
  • Have a first aid kit with some small essentials you can take in with you but most can stay in the hotel.
  • Blister sticks, Chub Rub and other friction creams can come in extremely handy
  • Stains happen, be prepared

For the Parents

First Aid and Emergencies

For the Kids!

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