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Travel is awesome with kids when you are prepared for it!

Whether you are taking a quick flight for the weekend or a long flight for a family vacation there are tons of tips and tricks that can help make it easier to travel for a family with kids of all ages! Gadgets for packing, charging, navigating the airport and making the plane more comfortable can all be found here! 

Prepare for Everything!

You never know what you might need and planning for every scenario is tough, but there are many situations you know will come up so its best to take a minute and prepare the best you can!  Having these products you need for travel on hand for when you do travel can take some of the frustration out of packing! 

  • This outlet converter is great because it can be customized for any outlet and comes with all the pieces you would need while also allowing you to use several plugs in one converter! The handy case keeps it and all its parts ready to go!
  • Many short haul flights don’t have in seat entertainment so this holder makes it easier to watch your phone during the flight! 
  • These perfume bottles are awesome! They self fill and allow you to carry the allowed liquid amount! 
  • Neck rests and a blow up pillow with blanket pack are easy travel essentials.
  • This collapsible water bottles make it easy to find and carry  once you have finished with security!
  • Clear packing cubes make it easier to pull out the items you need to separate in the security line.

Travel Essentials You won’t want to forget!

Make it fun!

Family Vacations can be exciting for kids but that excitement can wear off really quickly  when the getting there becomes overwhelming with all the walking and waiting.  Make the walking fun and the waiting more interesting with these items! 

  • The first ride on kids suitcase is awesome because it can also be used to extend the plane seat for kids to lay down on the play.  
  • This second suitcase doubles as a scooter allowing kids to more easily make those long walks in the airport and keep it fun! 
  • These ear plugs are awesome for kids that aren’t used to making the pressure changes and can keep those ears from needing to be popped nonstop!  
  • These tray table covers make it easy to let kids play and eat and keep the mess from taking over! 
  • Magnetic games and activity books can help keep kids distracted and happy while on the plane! 
  • This inflatable seat hack is great to be able to let kids lay down on the plane and comes with its own carry bag and pump for quick inflation!

Traveling with Kids

Keeping it Fun!

And don’t forget these!

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