One of the the funny things about writing this blog was how cathartic it was to post and update those I care about with our move. When I wasn’t able to post though, I felt a pull, a drag that I was failing at something. So I have decided to keep the blog and add something I love to it. I found that I can have a conversation with any person and at some point I will reference something I found on Amazon. Whether it’s for the kids, for the home or just about for anything, at some point, I will have searched for it on Amazon. So now I am going to use my new page to allow me to share these things too! Finding things we used for the move, or things we found a need for in Germany that we never needed in Texas, or just finding things I want just to have, its all going to be posted at!

The US has and Germany has Many of the items available on aren’t always available on the Germany counterpart.

You can also head over to Facebook to follow the Texan in Germany page I created there and see all the items I post there. You can also check out the Texan in Germany Instagram and Pinterest pages! You can also just go over to the website to follow along or even search for the things you have been looking for. Or better yet, search for the things you didn’t know you were looking for!

I started with a list about prepping your kids for Summer Camp and followed that up with a list about Family travel with kids. I even got to promote a few of my friends who are killing it making travel easy and magical!

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