Don’t let the title fool you, being in our home is awesome, but I recently taught my five year old to respond “Sweet” every time I say “Dude” and as a teen from the 90’s I happen to say Dude a LOT!

These stairs, I love them and they are beautiful but with four floors I’m going to grow to hate them I just know it!

We recently got the keys to the house we have been building for the past year and (Pausing to jump up and down) now the real work begins again, at least it’s the final leg though!

We are sleeping on air mattresses and our new sofa and things are slowly coming together. Each day something gets done, today we had one room measured for an installation of a closet going in soon and I learned how to use the washer and dryer that were delivered yesterday. The pile of laundry is overwhelming to look at but I will slowly make my way through it! The new washer and dryer send messages that pop up on the television screen to let me know that the cycles are done and the clothes can be changed or removed, it’s both nice and nagging at the same time!

While we are getting ready to get settled in, there is still much construction being conducted on our street. I believe the houses across the street are around six months behind ours for completion which makes for a fun show outside our window. In this picture you see that the ToiToi has conveniently been relocated directly in front of our living room windows, right next to the tent that is being prepared for a lunch taking place to thank the workers tomorrow… On the same day our moving trucks will be here…. (Rolls eyes and sighs heavily)

Thursday and Friday we have hired a company to help move our belongings from storage into the house and also reassemble everything that was meticulously disassembled back in April. This will be a long two days and will probably consist of many arguments as my husband and I try to decide where things need to be. One thing is for sure though, Friday night I will sleep in MY BED AGAIN! At least I can if they find it here.

Our final deliveries and construction time lines put us having everything complete in time for Christmas, this includes our kitchen install at the end of November and closet installation in the beginning of December. For now though, we can unpack the things we haven’t seen since Texas and try to find places for everything in half the space. And this make shift temporary kitchen will make do until the real one arrives! I have two portable burners, a mini fridge, microwave, Ninja Foodi, toaster, coffee machine, and of course, my brand new ice machine! I’m sure the next month will fly by!

One thing to note about homes and apartments here, most don’t come with kitchens or light fixtures. We were lucky we had bulbs installed as most also don’t have that either. We have ordered fixtures for the stairs, bathroom mirrors, ceiling lights for all the rooms, outdoor lights for the patio and terrace and ceiling fans for the bedrooms (which was a concession Markus made for me when I couldn’t get air conditioning). It’s going to be a lot of work to install them all.

At least there is always a show happening on our street. Today they delivered the driveway holders for the trash cans, which was pretty interesting to watch. There was one guy who looked really young running around with a remote control attached to his belt maneuvering these giant concrete boxes into place. He did everything all alone, and was very professional and efficient!

Now that the holders are here, we can move the trash cans from the garage and put them there. Now we just have to learn the pick up schedule for the four different types of trash and we are all good! Well there are only four types picked up, there are additional types that have to be dropped off on our own. Learning all this is going to be fun on top of all the other German stuff I am trying to wrap my too old brain around!

The next few days will be a lot so I hope to update again when the move is complete!

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