We are inside the week countdown until we have the keys to our new home. We started this process over a year ago and it felt like this day would never come. Here we are though, last Friday we did our walkthrough to make note of all the final things that need to be addressed. For the most part the house looks really good, there are mostly a few cosmetic things that need touching up but we are optimistic that when October 13th comes, we will have the keys to our own home here in Germany!

An insight into the length of time it takes to build can be gained by considering that in Germany, homes have basements and the walls are made of cinder block. Its nothing like what I grew up in where you could get angry and kick a hole in the wall or punch a hole in the wall way easily. In fact Markus once told me he never understood that on TV as a kid because how could you be strong enough to punch a whole through cement!

Our home will have heating in the floors so there won’t be any wall heaters to worry about. There is no air conditioning but I did get Markus to agree to ceiling fans which are not very common.

We did luck out finding a new development in construction with 48 homes total. Everyone will be new to the area so we can all find our way together! There are a ton of kids and I am excited to see ours grow up with them!

Over the course of the next two months we have a key handover, followed by two official days of move and reassembling our furniture from Texas a week later. Our container contents have been sitting in the storefront and warehouse belonging to our parents and I am sure they will be glad to have some space back. Then there are deliveries and assembly of our kitchen and furniture for the entire house that will take place all the way through the beginning of December. My spreadsheet of all the things is long and confusing but it documents all the items from different stores, purchases, deposits, timelines for delivery and pick ups and all in all the beginning our our new home.

Lainey will turn nine three days after we get the keys and three days before our official move so we decided to pitch a tent in the unfurnished house and have family over to celebrate. We will have pizza and roast marshmallows on a small fire pit we found and overall just enjoy the space and let the kids have fun! We hope that the new park will be finished in time to let the kids explore it on Lainey’s birthday!

This incredible park is being put in literally less than 100 yards from our home. I look forward to years of fun here!

All in all we are looking forward to the next few months and finally having everything in place to celebrate the holidays in our home. Our kitchen will be installed just in time to celebrate the first Advent and what I will be calling our first German Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am so happy for y’all!

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