The car will always be full

A box of Fruit Loops will make a snack, dinner, fun game

There is always something that needs to be charged… never stop charging

Always make the pit stop – you will regret it more if you don’t, than if you do

It is possible for three different navigation systems to have three different “fastest” routes to the same place

If prices for hotel rooms seem a little high, double check what is happening that weekend in town

Sometimes you pay for the view while eating the food, not the quality of the food

It doesn’t matter how old the biker is, he can still party like a teenager at a motorcycle weekend!

While it may be a minor inconvenience to pull into town when there is something happening to make everything slow down, it’s more fun to embrace it and join the parade!

Never take your eye off the Prize, spending time together!

You may not be able to connect with your partner like you hope on a road trip with small kids! Your time and conversations are not your own!

Putting your toes in the soft white sand does wonders for your soul.

What one hotel considers orange juice, does not necessarily orange juice make.

Check parking at the hotel prior to showing up and being told the valet is full. Also, it’s not the young valet driver’s fault!

In a town like New Orleans, check the restaurant website for waitlist options to avoid a long wait with kids!

When traveling with a baby, always have a spare change of clothes for you both handy, not packed away in the suitcase (the majority of baby puke will always wind up on the holder!)

Your car will not have a better wifi connection than the hotspot on your phone, don’t waste your money!

It is possible to remedy almost any road trip issues with a quick stop at target!

They don’t carry good vomit bags at Target, grab those the next time you are at Urgent care!

A good car seat is not picked by the parents, when road tripping the baby will pick the right car seat

Never Tell your husband you are hot for The Rock… every time “You’re Welcome” comes on the Disney Essentials play list you will regret it!

When heading to Disney, the Disney Essentials playlist on Apple Music is a must!

Where your clothes are packed In the car will determine how dirty your shirt is.

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  1. I was hysterically laughing by the end of this blog today! 🤣

  2. Kathy Maurer Avatar
    Kathy Maurer

    I lived today’s format!

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